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Useful guidelines for your personal practice…

A question we’ve often been asked is, « When should I avoid doing Qi Gong? » 

The answer? It depends. 

Why? Because it’s your life force energy you’re learning to work with… and you know your energy better than anyone.

Our one « rule » is: you should avoid doing Qi Gong when it’s clearly not what you should be doing. 

Some systems of Qi Gong will tell you things like, « Don’t practice 24-48 hours before or after lovemaking, » or, « Never practice with shoes on! » or, « Never do Qi Gong at noon, » and even, « Don’t ever practice while you’re angry. »

While they had reasons for some of these « rules, » sometimes they don’t make sense for modern life… or for your life. 

All that said, here are some guidelines (not rules) about how and when to practice Qi Gong: 

« No pain, no pain. » 

The Chinese use to say « No pain, no gain »….so find out by yourself, then you know…

Don’t do movements that don’t feel good to your body. 

We all have different injuries, bone structures, and issues. Qi Gong will bring healthy movement to the system and increase the flow of energy. If an exercise hurts, don’t do it or modify it to fit your body and energy. 


Don’t do Qi Gong outside if it’s too windy and cold. The wind is considered nature’s Qi. Nature’s Qi is bigger than your Qi. If it’s too cold and windy, it could disperse your energy, leaving you feeling depleted.


If you’re not getting the results you want or need from your practice, change it up! Cross-training your Qi is essential. Doing different routines or Marc’s weekly classes helps exercise different muscles, meridians, and energy systems. 

If you’re uncomfortable 

You don’t need to be Goldilocks, but if you’re uncomfortable with your environment, location, temperature, your clothes, etc., it will be harder for you to drop in and get into the flow. 

Of course, if you’re practicing getting into the flow regardless of external distractions, you can challenge yourself to do Qi Gong even when you’re uncomfortable. We’ll leave that choice up to you, though. 🙂 

Here are a few unconventional times to avoid doing Qi Gong. Note we said avoid, not *do not.*

In unclean spaces, or spaces with weird energy. Sometimes it’s unavoidable, but in general, try to practice in clean, well-kept areas. 

Right after eating. If you’ve just eaten, give yourself a little bit of time to digest! 

During thunderstorms. No, not because you’ll get struck by lightning, but because the energy in the air becomes so charged. You can still practice and play with the energy, but be warned: you may be up all night. 

Anyway, we hope this helps clear the air about when to avoid doing Qi Gong for you. 

Otherwise, practice and play Qi Gong regularly.

Until next time, 


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