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Life Coaching

WHEN will you take the first step to TRANSFORM your life?

Your life is not as you would like it to be, you feel a sense of emptiness, you repeat negative patterns without knowing how to do differently, there’s a life-long dream you’ve been putting off (perhaps meeting your soul-mate?), you want to improve your health and well-being, you wish to establish healthy, harmonious relationships that give you energy…

The following Life Coaching Programs are designed to empower you to lead a fulfilling life, making optimum use of your potential, and to open up new possibilities that you cannot even imagine at this time.

The programs are available by telephone, via Skype or in person.

Here are some of the breakthroughs you can expect to achieve :

  • A holistic sense of well-being based on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance; vitality, strength and peace
  • Alignment with your true self
  • Awareness and transformation of your limiting beliefs and perceptions, repetitive self-sabotaging patterns of behaviour, energy-draining emotions
  • Lifting the blocks that are preventing you from manifesting your full potential
  • Freedom from fear, doubt, stress, anxiety, depression, addiction
  • Improved relationships and communication skills
  • Ability to solve your internal and external conflicts, establish healthy boundaries and bring about change
  • A better relationship with money

Imagine a healthy life filled with love, joy, peace, abundance and fun…

Are you ready to assume responsilibilty, harness the power you have and create the life of your dreams?

Career Coaching & Consultancy

Isn’t it time your career reflected your POTENTIAL and your PASSION?

An inner voice is calling you to DO more, to BE more, to FEEL more, not by trying to please others or meet their expectations, but by using your innate and natural talents to lead a fulfilling and passionate life beyond what you could ever imagine…

Are you looking for a partner with a laser-like mind to help you see clearly, facilitate the « HOW », accelerate your process, guide you with wisdom along the path to change, provide structure, nurture your motivation and celebrate your successes?

If the answer is yes, I invite you to join one of two innovative Private Career Coaching Programs especially created to enable you to accomplish your life purpose with ease, joy and abundance.

Here are some of the breakthroughs you can expect to achieve:

  • Recognize your unique talents and know how to capitalize on them
  • Align yourself with what is uniquely meaningful to you
  • Identify your life purpose and develop a clear vision
  • Take concrete steps and initiate practical actions to turn that vision into reality
  • Reveal your authentic self to attract people and events that correspond to your true being
  • Remove factors of resistance, interference or blockage that impede your advancement
  • Identify and transform limiting beliefs and conditionning
  • Activate your inner power to take your life into your own hands

Imagine accessing your internal resources and putting them forward to create your long delayed life purpose…

Remember that YOU are the CREATOR of your life. There is no better investment to make than in yourself!

Holistic Coaching & Consultancy

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership between a coach and an individual or group. The coach guides the “coachee” towards finding his/her/their own solutions and taking action to obtain the desired results. While the coach facilitates change, the active engagement and commitment of the coachee is a key factor of success.

The role of the coach is to create a safe space for transformation, provide guidance, facilitate the process, support, encourage and motivate.

Why get a coach?

You want to reach a goal, make a change, resolve an issue, step into your power?
An external, neutral, professional helping hand can help you get there more simply, more smoothly, and more quickly – or just get there period.

How will you feel if a year from now, you’re still talking about the same goal, the same dream or the same problem and nothing has changed?

A coach can help you:

  • Step back and see a situation, a person or an event through a different set of eyes
  • Define « How to do » or « How to be »
  • Step into action
  • Tap into your strengths and put them at the forefront
  • Make beneficial choices
  • Identify your blocks and transform them

What makes a coach effective?

Possessing a powerful set of tools
Creating a relationship based on trust
Communicating clearly and directly
Asking questions designed to bring awareness and change
Helping you identify blockages and factors of interference
Highlighting your strengths and building upon them
Making sure the focus remains on your goals
Seeing through your excuses and refusing to “play”
Providing feedback as to what is possible
Facilitating transformation.

What are essential qualities?

Strong personal and professionel ethics
A positive presence and good listening skills
The capacity to motivate and manage change
Awareness and openness
Native intuition
A good sense of humour

What is PHP©?

Positive-Holistic Programming© is a comprehensive, practical approach aimed at achieving a major transformation – i.e., improving behaviour, expanding capabilities, altering an internal and external state, facilitating communication, changing inappropriate beliefs, etc. A large array of models, techniques and tools can come into play.

Here is an explanation of the terms:

Programming : a process whereby change is effected to make states, beliefs, behaviour patterns more efficient, useful and positive.

PHP focuses more on the « HOW » than the « WHY ». It explores the « how to » and the « how to be » to bring about the most desirable transformation.

« Mind and body are indivisible parts of the same system » and
« Changing our experience of reality, changes our reality » are two basic PHP postulates.


PHP has since it’s descovery expanded into a variety of applications. They include business applications such as leadership, management and sales and applications in the fields of education and psychotherapy. The most widespread application today is in coaching and personal growth where lasting transformations are achieved in all spheres of life.

What are the particular assets of a PHP© coach?

Apart from having received expert training in coaching, a PHP© coach has access to a powerful set of models, techniques and tools, of proven value, that can be used to help you solve your problems and reach your goals.

Here are some of the results you can expect from PHP:

  • Clarify and attain your personal and professional goals
  • Identify and eliminate limiting beliefs, patterns and obstacles
  • Transform negative mindsets into possibilities
  • Activate your inner strengths and use them to the fullest
  • Visualize and define the steps to reach a given objective
  • Reinterpret the context or meaning of a situation or an event to transform it into a positive experience
  • Release negative effects of past experiences and change inappropriate programming to advance towards the future
  • Eliminate doubt and boost your self-confidence
  • Adopt a behaviour that brings you greater satisfaction
  • Minimize emotional overload
  • Create a vision and discover the values that motivate you
  • Establish a hierarchy of values that supports your objectives
  • Model and reproduce excellence patterns of experts
  • Develop successful strategies to reach a goal, resolve an issue or a challenge
  • Improve your communication skills
  • Give feedback without breaking the communication loop
  • Resolve conflicts and meet relational challenges
  • Bring harmony to the conflicted parts within you
  • Release repressed emotions
  • Establish a line of communication between your conscious and unconscious mind

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