Opening Dao

Tai chi, Qi Gong, Daoist Meditation, TCM, Daoist Philosophy…………..

Opening Dao - Cover - a Film by Gennaro Ambrosino

This is an amazing Short Film Documentary by Gennaro Ambrosino about Daoism, and its connection to the martial arts. Beautifully filmed, it features interviews with scholars, top martial artists, as well as monks who talk about how they understand the “principles of the way” which is known as the Tao, a valuable wisdom that is thousands of years old and still relevant in today’s busy world.
The film contains exclusive interviews with Prof. Chad Hansen and Prof. Chris Fraser from the University of Hong Kong, Dr Wang Daoke from Wudang Taoist Association, Master Yuan Xiu Gang (Wudang Gong Fu Academy) and martial arts performances from Master Heng Wei (Tang Long Kung Fu), Master Yongxing Guan and the students of the Wudang Taoist Kung Fu Academy in Wudang Shan, China.The documentary also features a master narrative of the Dao De Ching by Edward Petherbridge, former leading actor of the Royal Shakespeare Company.Quote from the Life Arts Media website

The relation of the Tao to Tai Chi Chuan is inseparable. It is a martial art that is based upon the principles of Taoism. The understanding of these principles and how they apply to the practice of Tai Chi Chuan can greatly enhance one’s own experience in this profound internal martial art.

You can view the complete Short Film Documentary “Opening Dao” online here at the Life Arts Media website.